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Yeast Control

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Standard Protocol:  (Children may use teaspoons instead of tablespoons)

Start with 1 tablespoon morning or evening. If you do not feel any fatigue you may choose to increase to 2 tablespoons the next day. Keep moving the amount up until you feel some fatigue. This tells you that you have reached the amount of fungus you can kill off and get rid of through the bowels. Fatigue occurs when you cannot get rid of a lot of dead fungus SO back off for a few days and then go up again. 

First 30 days: You may wish to kill off as much fungus as possible in the first 30 days without having kill-off side-effects which could be a headache or more than usual fatigue. This may indicate you are killing more than your body is eliminating. Just increase your water intake and drop back on the A2Z Yeast Control.


After getting free of parasites & Candida, you may consider taking 1 heaping tablespoon a day to protect yourself in the future.


Some foods that feed fungus are:   Bread, white rice, white potatoes, pasta, corn, popcorn, carrot & apple juice, nut products, cheese, mushrooms, bananas, grapes, raisons, all dairy including whey protein, alcoholic drinks or any grain or bean products.  Of course it helps to void all of the common sugar treats including chocolate.

Candida and other fungus overgrowth produce toxic liquid “mycotoxins” throughout our bodies. They are the base of many disease processes in the human body. Most of us never know we are harboring these tiny carnivorous creatures, which eat our flesh and leave our bodies full of their own waste.
  Different types of parasites are attracted to different organs of our body. A2Z Yeast Control is excellent at helping to clean up the blood and cells, perhaps able to absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in toxins. 

Once you ever get over-run with fungus, 99.99% of the time it may return. Due to the possibility of multiple uses throughout your life, A2Z Yeast Control is a way to go natural without fear of dissolving your liver or kidneys with chemicals. 

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