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General Information About Molecula Silver
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Molecula Silver is a 10 ppm silver solution that, when in the presence of a single celled pathogen, penetrates the cell wall and disables the pathogenic cell’s “chemical lung”.  This interrupts its energy flow – rendering the cell deactivated; it also strips away a virus’ protective protein sheath, exposing the virus for your immune system to destroy.  Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, Molecula Silver leaves beneficial tissue-based enzymes intact.  Molecula Silver is more efficient than colloidal silver because the particles are hundreds of times smaller (the largest presence of silver is 0.062 Nanometers), so small that it behaves like a gas instead of a particle – allowing 100% penetration of cells versus 6% approximate penetration with colloidal silver.

Dr. Bob Beck stated that it “behaves like a gas” because it passes through all cell membranes.  This product is produced in ionic form, not to be confused with colloidal silver.

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