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General Information About Optimum D-Tox
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In today's society, our food chain is highly exposed to excessive chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.  ur bodies become vulnerable to cellular contamination and toxicity due to unhealthy diets, lifestyles and mind sets.

Researchers conclude that most health challenges manifest in the gut and that a healthy colon is the foundation for optimum health in the human body.

Optimum D-Tox is a whole body systemic (non-invasive) cleanser naturally and continually assisting the body to perform as nature intended.

It contains phyto-saponins (natural detergent/soap derived from desert plants). specifically the yucca schidigera - used for centuries by Native Americans for food and medicine.

What do Saponins do for us?

Saponins help break up congestion in the intestinal tract and dissolve body wastes and toxins.  It helps emulsify tissue wastes into circulation for the liver to dispose.  It also helps de-fat the liver and rejuvenate the colon.

Saponins are hostile to the parasite and pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and viruses that flourish in the gut.

When you use this product you will notice differences almost immediately, and it is fun to track your progress. 

Optimum D-Tox - 1/2 fl.oz. Bottle
1 Month Supply - $35.00

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