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General Information About Humic Acid
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Humic Acid has a special ability to bind to positively charged ions in the human body.  It binds to the deposits that form when particles of magnesium, calcium, iron, cadmium or phosphorous dissolve in water because these deposits are positively charged.  This purifies the body and helps restore natural balance, much as it does in plants.

Not only are scientists studying new ways that Humic Acid might be used to help with metal detoxification, they’re also looking at how it might be used to keep high levels of unwanted metals out of the body to begin with.

Improved Immunity

Humic Acid may also help boost your immune system.  Your immune system is made up of specialized cells, called lymphocytes or white blood cells, that can identify and engulf foreign particles and bacteria.  A health immune system recognizes these particles quickly upon their introduction to the body, preventing irritation or infection. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2010 indicates that Humic Acid can stimulate the immune system by promoting the release of antibodies and cytokines - chemicals used to identify foreign parties and activate the immune system.


Some think another benefit of Humic Acid may be that it can act as a chelator.  Several conditions, or drugs used to treat conditions, may lead to the accumulation of toxic chemicals or heavy metals in the body, which can interfere with proper cellular function.  The University of California, San Diego explains that chelators bind these toxins or heavy metals, neutralizing the chemicals and allowing their excretion via the urine.  Humic Acid may act as a natural chelator, helping remove toxins from your bloodstream and your body.  As a result, Humic Acid consumption may play a role in supporting chelator therapy, and may help reduce the risk of some diseases that develop from heavy metals in the blood.

Humic Acid
32 fl.oz. - $45.00

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