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Additional Information About Humic Acid
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When Humic acid has been introduced into the body the cells of the body draw from the Humic acid molecules only the minerals and nutrients that are needed by the cell. After the minerals, amino acids and other nutrients have been extracted from the Humic Acid molecule the empty ion exchange points on the Humic acid molecule attract and bind to any nearby positively-charged chemical toxins, inorganic metals and other positively-charged toxins that the cell can not use or discard on its own. The Humic acid molecule, having released the beneficial trace-minerals and nutrients to the cells of the body for immediate use, now loaded with the positively-charged inorganic (toxic) metals and any other positively-charged toxins, is then ready to be safely discarded by the body's systems of elimination.

The Humic Acid - Fulvic Acid combination is an extremely powerful combination
. Remember, besides functioning as a chelator, fulvic acid renders cell walls more penetrable (reduces the surface tension of cell walls) so the cells can more easily hydrate, take in minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, and get rid of the waster easier.  Humic acid aids in all of these processes.

If a person is planning to undergo oral chelation, using Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid together is better than using one or the other separately.  While Fulvic Acid chelates small deposits, Humic Acid breaks up and chelates the larger deposits!

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Humic Acid
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