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Protocols for using Diatomaceous Earth
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Taking Diatomaceous Earth Internally.

Add (1) Tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth to water (or your favorite beverage) and stir until the powder is completely mixed with the beverage (no powder resting on top), then drink.

Diatomaceous Earth is not water-soluble, so if you let your drink stand for a minute-or-so, it would be best to re-stir your beverage before continuing to drink - otherwise it will start to settle on the bottom.

This can be done once or twice daily.

It is okay to take this product with or without meals (empty or full stomach).

Diatomaceous Earth has no taste.

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Avoid directly inhaling the powder in its dry form.

Diatomaceous Earth for Pets and live-stock

Mix Diatomaceous Earth with pet food daily:

(1) Teaspoon for large cats, or (1/4) Teaspoon for kittens

(1) Tablespoon for dogs 50+ pounds, (1) Teaspoon for dogs less than 50 pounds, and (1/2) Teaspoon for mini-dogs

Please Email us if you would like more information about using Diatomaceous Earth for live-stock.

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)
1 Pound Bag - $10.00

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