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Natural State Iodine - 16fl.oz.

$40.00 - Click Here to Purchase

Natural State Iodine is Potassium Iodide in a natural state. This is not a homeopathic remedy. It is the real iodine in a natural state without using alcohol and without the impurities that would follow. Our potassium iodide is by nature organic, water soluble crystals in the right size and right form for the body to use. It is recognized by the body as food and virtually all is used with no waste of minerals. The water soluble crystals are so small that well over 1 million would be necessary in a straight line to cross a colloidal mineral.

All of our minerals are produced in this manner to provide the most amazing, safe absorption possible.

The result is what you see as clear, odorless, colorless and tasteless potassium iodide in its natural state.

16fl.oz. -  $40.00

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