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Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) Powder
1 Pound Bag - $10.00

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Here you can read about the benefits that Diatomaceous Earth has to offer

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Use Diatomaceous Earth to fight Bed Bugs

Use Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) to assist intestinal cleansing

Diatomaceous Earth
(Food Grade) Powder
1 Pound Bag - $10.00

Diatomaceous Earth is about 89% silica which is an important cellular nutrient.  The DE 'shell' that remains (after the silica is taken) has a strong negative-charge that attracts fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, chemicals, drug residues, E. Coli and heavy metals that may be in our digestive tract.  DE captures these toxins, and helps to safely remove them from the body.

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