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Cell Phone Enhancer

$39.95 - Click Here to Purchase

The Cellphone Enhancer helps to stabilize the battery between charges by a patent pending infusion process.

EMR (electromagnetic radiation) Defense:
Cellphone Power Enhancer is programmed with the same Infusion Technology that aids in counteracting the effects of radiation. This neutralization process reduces the damaging effects of radiation that emits from your cell phone.

Instructions: Attach the Cellphone Power Enhancer to the battery pack inside the phone. On cell phones like IPhones and other restricted access areas, place the Enhancer directly on the back of the cellphone.

(1 package contains (1) Cellphone Power Enhancer)


  Cellphone Power Enhancer is powered by Infusion Technology that stabilizes the cell phone’s battery between charges. This is achieved by a patent pending process where the material is infused with an electrical charge that makes the cells of the battery enhanced with additional energy.

  Cellphone Power Enhancer provides a signal 5 times greater than your cell phone’s antenna thereby improving voice and data reception. Designed for portability and mobility; get better reception in your home, office, car, parking lots, hotels and airports.
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