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Dr Bonlie, the foremost researcher in biomagnetic therapy, believes biomagnets alone do not heal but rather stimulate the body to heal naturally by accelerating the spin on your cells’ electrons which increases the ability of the healing process. 

Twenty minutes of exposure to an increased negative magnetic field enhances chemical reactions, which increases the charge on blood cells. The cells will then repel each other due to their increased internal charge which will eliminate “clumping” (typical in people with stress, health problems, or fatigue). With more surface area available for each blood cell, the oxygen carrying capacity of the cells is greatly increased.

Directions:  Standard Use


Place the negative side of the magnet on the desired location (where the pain is), and support it to your body for as long as you desire.

Caution:  Biomagnets should never be used on a patient with a pacemaker.

Magnets can damage computer hard drives, credit cards, and other devices with metal components. Biomagnets should not be used during pregnancy, on patients with a history of epilepsy, while taking blood-thinning medications, on bleeding wounds, or if internal bleeding exists. 

A2Z’s Biomagnets are strong, but they are not indestructible. Don't drop magnet.


-Restoration of cellular magnetic balance
-Migration of calcium ions is accelerated to help heal bones and nerve tissues
-Biomagnets have a positive effect on the pH balance of cells
-Hormone production is influenced by biomagnet use


Biomagnet Power Measured:

Biomagnet power is measured in terms of “gauss”: the line of force per unit area of the pole.  The earth's surface is approximately 0.5 gauss.  Listed below are typical magnetic strength classifications:

Low gauss (g) = 300 - 700 g

Medium gauss = 1000 - 2500 g

High gauss = 3000 - 6000 g  -  A2Z’s Ceramic Coated Magnet has a gauss rate of 6500 g

Super gauss = 7000 - 12000 g

4" x 6" x 0.75" Ceramic Bio-Magnet - $60.00

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